Kwidzyn, Poland - June 3, 2014: Lipton Ice Tea drink isolated on white background. Lipton Ice Tea is a brand sold by Lipton

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Lipton Ice Tea Just Announced A New Drink Only For Adults
Soda brands have thrown their hat into the malt beverage game in recent years with the launches of Hard Mtn Dew, Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's packaged “Jack & Coke”, and Fresca’s line of canned cocktails. Now, PepsiCo-owned brand Lipton has announced that they will be introducing a new line of drinks only for adults.
Lipton Hard Iced Tea is anticipated to arrive in early to mid-2023 and will initially offer four flavors — Lemon, Peach, Half and Half, and Strawberry — with an ABV of 5% alcohol. The ready-to-drink market was "the fastest growing spirits category in 2021," per Food Dive, so Lipton is striking while the iron's hot.
Much like Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's endeavor, Lipton's Hard Iced Tea resulted from teamwork. The company behind Seagram's Escapes malt beverages, FIFCO USA, worked with PepsiCo's Blue Cloud Distribution, but time will tell if Lipton can compete in a crowded field of hard beverages.