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Kroger Employee Arrested For Allegedly Committing Disturbing Crime


Invasion of privacy is a serious crime, and right now, grocery giant Kroger is dealing with a particularly egregious case. Jaxson Parker, who worked at a Mississippi Kroger, is now facing a civil and possibly criminal lawsuit regarding an alarming incident.

The Oxford County police department received a disturbing call on March 1, 2022, from a woman saying someone was recording her while inside a restroom stall at Kroger. The suspect was later arrested and charged with an invasion-of-privacy crime under Mississippi law.

To be held liable under this particular Mississippi law, the violation of which is deemed a "felony," it must be proven that the recording was made with "lewd, licentious, or indecent intent." The suspect will face significant prison time, huge fines, and a permanent felony record if brought to trial.

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