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Kraft Singles Aren’t Actually Cheese. Here’s Why
Kraft Singles are a staple for many people for good reason — there’s nothing easier for a sandwich or a burger than pulling out a slice of individually wrapped Kraft American cheese. However, Kraft Singles aren’t really cheese at all, but rather are a “cheese food product.”
Real cheese is made with milk, rennet, and salt, while Kraft Singles are made with ingredients like whey, milk protein concentrate, sorbic acid, and more. Kraft Singles can’t legally be called cheese because when all the ingredients are mixed together, it adds up to less than 51 percent real cheese.
J.L. Kraft created American cheese while trying to get rid of some older cheeses — which he melted down and blended together with a few other ingredients to create a “pasteurized processed cheese food.” While not appetizing, it’s perfectly legal as long as it’s not labeled as cheese.