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Kim Kardashian’s Tortellini Controversy Explained
Kim Kardashian has managed to fall afoul of the public over tortellini, and it’s not the first food-related issue involving the star of “The Kardashians.” She was once accused of not really chewing her food in an ad for Beyond Meat, and now a question she asked about pasta has social media users upset again.
During a trip to Italy, Kardashian stopped over at a restaurant where she wasn’t quite familiar with one of the pasta dishes and asked, “What is tortellini?” Her question sent viewers into a rage, with Twitter user @lailabelowcanal writing, “I’m sorry [...] did ANYONE ELSE notice Kim k ask WHAT TORTELLINI IS in the latest episode?”
Most commenters seemed annoyed at Kardashian’s question, but she had a few defenders, like @Ananje7, who replied, “It is very normal to ask if you don’t know something!” Touché, but this isn’t the first time the star has confused kinds of pasta; she once tweeted about a “sweet corn truffle pasta” that ended up being ravioli.