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KFC Wraps Are Finally Returning, But There's A Catch

KFC is known for serving fried chicken (drumsticks, breasts, tenders and popcorn chicken), and they have experimented with their fried chicken in many ways, including the infamous Double Down (which had two pieces of fried chicken as buns). KFC is now taking a bold step into the world of chicken wraps.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps are now available starting at $3, and you can select the Classic Chicken Wrap, the Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, or the Spicy Slaw Wrap, either by themselves or in a "two-wrap combo." Each has an "Extra Crispy" chicken tender inside, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

For now, the wraps are only going to be available as a limited-time test run in certain KFC restaurants around and in the Atlanta area (the test run began on October 3rd, 2022). KFC has actually experimented with wraps before, releasing what it called "Twisters" for a brief time back in 2014.