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Kellogg's Just Announced Three New Frosted Flakes Flavors

Kellogg’s recently announced it would be releasing new Frosted Flakes flavors. The three new Frosted Flakes products include two brand new flavors, as well as a revamp of a third flavor.

Frosted Flakes Strawberry Milkshake has a creamy strawberry milkshake flavor, while the Frosted Flakes Cinnamon French Toast features a mixture of caramelized brown sugar cinnamon and maple syrup flavors. The revamped Frosted Flakes Chocolate now includes both cocoa and vanilla flavors.

The new Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes flavors are set to be released in May 2022, and judging by reactions of fans on Instagram, it can’t come soon enough. The suggested retail price of the 13.5-ounce box is $4.49, while the 24-ounce box will set you back at $6.29.

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