A logo of the sandwich restaurant chain, specializing in delivery Jimmy John's hangs outside one of their shops in downtown Washington, DC, June 9, 2016
A US sandwich chain is being sued for locking its low-paid workers into non-compete agreements more typical of high-tech workers or top executives. The state of Illinois, where Jimmy John's is headquartered, accuses the company of requiring employees to sign clauses barring them from working at competing sandwich stores within two miles of one of its outlets for at least two years after leaving the company.
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Jimmy John's Just Released A New Beef Sandwich That Packs An Unexpected Crunch
Jimmy John's recently landed at spot 16 on a list of fast-growing fast food chains in QSR Magazine, adding an impressive 48 locations between 2020 and 2021. The chain also added a brand new sandwich option — the All-American Beefy Crunch — now on the menu at Jimmy John's for a limited time until the end of December.
The new sandwich is made with beef, American cheese, Thousand Island sauce, "crispy onion strings," pickles, lettuce, and raw onions. YouTube user Papi Eats described the new sandwich as, "really good. It tastes like a Big Mac, but a sub. I like the crunch from the crispy onion straws."
One commenter on a Brand Eating article about the All-American Beefy Crunch said, "Had this for lunch today and as far as a mashup between a roast beef sandwich and a Big Mac goes it was pretty good.” However, they also noted that, "the amount of thousand island on there made it a very messy sandwich."