Is Rao's Pasta Sauce Worth Its High Price?

At the top of the price spectrum for sauces, you will find Rao's reaching around $7-8 for a single jar, while sauces from other brands cost as little as $1.50 at the same store.

Whether it's worth the cost depends on your desires, habits, and budget. For many, Rao's is key to recreating a high-end Italian restaurant experience right in their own kitchen.

Insider ranked Rao’s as the "indisputable" choice among several jarred options put before a taste-testing panel, while some on Reddit called it "easily the best-jarred marinara."

Rao’s, the more-than-century-old Italian-American institution, has been selling jarred sauces, soups, and other foods for over 30 years with no added sugars, fillers, or colors.

That’s a stark comparison to other brands of sauce with high amounts of sodium. Unfortunately, some people simply can't swing the extra money for premium choices like Rao's.