English muffins on a cooling rack


How McDonald's Levels Up Its English Muffins, Per A Former Employee
Mike Haracz, a former McDonald’s chef, used TikTok to explain how to make the famous Egg McMuffin. He notes that you will not find the English muffins McDonald’s uses at the store.
Haracz said, “The English muffin that McDonald's uses is their own recipe.” Manufacturer Fresh Start Bakeries is in charge of making McDonald’s muffins and some other ingredients.
According to Haracz, you’ll want to broil your muffin in a frying pan for the best texture. Crisp up one side while leaving the other side soft, then let the muffins sit for a bit.
McDonald’s cheese is also a unique recipe, as chef Jessica Foust told Business insider. The chain used to use liquid margarine, but it made the swap to real butter in 2015.
Finally, an egg ring is used to cook the eggs into perfect circles. If you’re craving an Egg McMuffin, it’s best to go to McDonald’s since they taste one-of-a-kind.