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How Long Does Alcohol Last After
You Open
The Bottle?
You won't get sick if you drink old liquor, but you'll definitely notice a difference, as the alcohol begins to evaporate, and air changes the flavor once you crack open a bottle. Though vodka will last up to a decade, whiskey starts losing its kick two years after opening.
Wine remains drinkable two to five days after opening, but you can use the old wine in cooking if it's been longer. Beer fares the worst — meaning you should drink that brew within a few hours or a day after you pop the top.
To prolong alcohol’s freshness and avoid flavor loss as well as cork damage, store bottles upright. "Decanting" liquor and wine into smaller bottles can keep air from entering, whereas using a rubber stopper, a vacuum pump, or a tightly-sealed glass jar can keep beer fresh for three days.