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How Amy's Baking Company Is Doing After Kitchen Nightmares

In one memorable episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” Gordon Ramsey’s argument with the owners of Amy’s Baking Company, couple Amy and Salomon "Samy" Bouzaglo, got so out of hand it forced Ramsey to leave. It seems Ramsey wasn’t the only one fed up with the couple.

According to Eater, Amy’s Baking Company received many negative reviews from customers too. One reviewer also mentioned how the “owners were very rude,” while another said they were threatened by the owners after complaining about the service.

Amy’s Baking Company shut in 2015 after the owners new buyers. The bakery confirmed the news via Twitter, saying they could now “focus on several other projects.” Since then, Amy has been busy creating content on Instagram and selling homemade goods on Amazon.