A closeup of Hong Kong style eggs.


Hong Kong-Style Eggs Are The Fluffy Breakfast You Need
If you’re craving an egg breakfast dish that’s silky but fluffy with neat, sturdy layers, look no further than Hong Kong scrambled eggs.
Hong Kong-style scrambles have large, semi-solid curds and use a starch slurry to help the eggs thicken quickly without altering their flavor.
This scrambling style also requires a technique that combines tilting and scooting to form their signature mille-feuille look.
To try Hong Kong-style scrambled eggs at home, start with a starch slurry. Mix eggs, one tablespoon of neutral oil, salt, and white pepper in another bowl.
Stir until the eggs are smooth with no visible lumps. Add a high-temp neutral oil, such as canola, over high heat into a non-stick pan.
Finally, add your eggs and stir them immediately for about 10 seconds, then gather the eggs to one corner to create a stacked patty of eggy layers.
Though Hong Kong-style eggs would be delicious alone, they are almost always cooked and enjoyed as a breakfast sandwich with browned, canned lunch meat.