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Here's Who Won Season 1 Of Is It Cake?

There are countless cooking shows out there, but “Is It Cake?” takes baking to a whole new level, presenting participants with a group of objects and asking them which is a cake in disguise. The series has earned positive reviews from critics, who call it “refreshing” and “the bizarre baking show that might rescue 2022.”

Andrew Fuller, Hemu Basu, and April Julian were the last remaining contestants competing in the first season’s final showdown for $50,000. Their first task was to identify the real cake at the podium, while the second task was to create a cake that could fool the judges.

Fuller created a trunk, Basu made a marble sculpture, and Julian sculpted a sewing machine. All three made great cakes, but the judges gave the win to Fuller, an Iowa-based home baker who is reportedly using his winnings to add gigantic blow-up tentacles on his baking studio's roof.