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Here's Where To Find Van Leeuwen's Nostalgic New Ice Cream Flavor
Ice cream brand Van Leeuwen is known for delivering big flavor on a short ingredients list — their Earl Grey Tea ice cream, for example, has only six ingredients. So, it’s surprising that Van Leeuwen has taken on ice cream truck classics — which usually have over a dozen ingredients — with an exclusive new line of flavors.
For their new launch, the brand is creating an exclusive new flavor — vegan banana bread pudding — an oat-based banana ice cream with a fudge swirl and brown sugar bread chunks. Don’t be put off by the vegan tag because, as Van Leeuwen posted on Twitter, "it's not vegan ice cream. It's ice cream that happens to be vegan."
The new flavors — including fellow nostalgic flavors Black & White Layer Cake Nostalgia Bar and the Strawberry Shortcake Nostalgia Bar — will be exclusively available at Sprouts permanently. Van Leeuwen's banana bread pudding flavor is launching the first week of October and the bars will launch later in the month.