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Here's What Happened To Mangia Mangia After Kitchen Nightmares
Italian restaurant Mangia Mangia was on "Kitchen Nightmares." They faced challenges like an inexperienced owner, lackluster food execution, and a drug issue in the kitchen.
During his visit, Chef Ramsay was unimpressed with the restaurant's execution of Italian-American classics, and he noted most of the food was pre-cooked and microwaved.
Ramsay tried to turn Mangia Mangia into the kind of restaurant that would attract customers, working to improve the front-of-house dining experience, the kitchen staff, and menus.
After helping fire and replace the head chef, Trevor Peterson, Ramsay gave the restaurant a makeover, threw out the microwave, and helped Julie Watson with her management skills.
A family day relaunch was successful, though the bold changes only temporarily boosted the restaurant. Ultimately, Mangia Mangia closed in November 2014.
Some Yelp reviews called out the poor quality of the food and service. One reviewer wrote that while "everything was fresh," the food was still lacking and overpriced.