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Gordon Ramsay's All-Time Favorite Stew Is A Unique Take On A Classic

In a YouTube video entitled "Two Sunday Roast Dinners," Gordon Ramsay and his children cook a whole arrangement of mouth-watering dishes. With his daughter, Tilly, doing most of the work, one of the meals they whip up is a beef and ale stew complete with mustard dumplings.

To many, making a stew is throwing a load of stuff into a pot, but Ramsay says, "Stews are easy to make, provided at the beginning you give it a little bit of love." ​​The "love" he refers to seems to be ensuring each ingredient in the stew is made about the same size as the chunks of meat for an even stew.

Ramsay shows it's vital in the early stages of making a beef stew to carefully watch the meat as it browns so it doesn't sear before adding fluid to the mixture. Showing his penchant for making beef stew, Ramsay said that this is "a dish that every home cook should have a recipe for."