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Give Up On Chopping Onions, Shave Them With A Veggie Peeler Instead
Onions are a great way to add flavor to a dish, but cutting them is never fun when it ends with tears. Thankfully, there is a trick to avoid the tears from accidental hand-to-eye contact, safely remove knives and fingers from the process, and still get thin, efficiently sliced onions — and all you need is a vegetable peeler.
This awesome hack comes from the French chef behind the TikTok account Mon Épulche Légumes, whose page is dedicated to the vegetable peeler. The chef wedges a fork into the base of the onion and presses it down as they begin to shred the vegetable with ease by quickly moving the peeler back and forth.
Commenters said that the hack was life-changing, and even experienced chefs lamented that they hadn’t thought of it before. Of all the tear-free onion hacks, this one gives consistent and convenient results without forcing you to spend money on specialized tools since you can just unlock the powers of your vegetable peeler.