a French Silk pie with a chocolate filling


French Silk Pie Vs Chocolate Cream: What's The Distinction?
Whether you enjoy the rich and smooth texture of a chocolate cream pie or savor the mousse-like quality of a French silk pie, both encompass a chocolate lover's dream.
French silk pie is actually American, but it’s similar to French mousse. Its texture is achieved by folding whipped cream into a mixture of butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate.
The mixture sits in a traditional blind-baked crust with a flaky crisp that compliments the filling. It’s often adorned with additional fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
In contrast to French silk pie, chocolate cream pie has a glossy, pudding-like filling that’s achieved through a mixture of egg yolks and cornstarch.
Chocolate cream pie filling works well in both flaky crust and crumb crust, but the latter makes the recipe fully no-bake. Like French silk pie, it pairs well with whipped cream.