Starbucks logo at a store


Explaining Starbucks' Ice Policy
Rumors of Starbucks initiating an upcharge for drinks with light ice, no ice, or no water have been denied. However, these rumors still spread like wildfire.
According to one TikToker, Starbucks was supposed to start charging extra for drinks without ice or water on May 9, 2023. A user on Reddit shared a poster showing this new info.
Other users were quick to shut down this rumor. A former barista confirmed the sign is “definitely not to code,” and any potential sign would need to be approved by corporate.
Commenters on TikTok were in an uproar over the supposed change, with one user saying, “I’m so over this. The drinks are overpriced already.”
While there is no truth to the rumor, baristas on Reddit explained ordering “no ice” causes Starbucks to go through supplies more quickly since they have to use more product.