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Every Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffle Flavor Ranked Worst To Best
26. Double Chocolate
The Double Chocolate truffle is wrapped in a red-orange wrapper and pitched as a milk chocolate shell filled with a rich dark chocolate filling. The shells easily crack, and the filling is too soft that it tastes almost like marshmallows instead of dark chocolate.
25. White Chocolate
The White Chocolate truffle is covered in a bright gold wrapper and has a white chocolate shell with a white chocolate filling. It simply tastes sweet and creamy and can be a magnificent vessel for other flavors that might otherwise be obstructed by real chocolate.
24. Neapolitan
The Neapolitan Truffle is underwhelming despite having three flavors in it: white chocolate, milk chocolate and strawberries. This truffle, wrapped in a pink foil has small pieces of strawberries that are incredibly mellow, and the mixture of milk and white chocolates tastes bland.
23. Blueberries and Cream
This reach and creamy truffle is wrapped in a blue and purple wrapper, resembling a blueberry. Unlike Lindt's other fruit-flavored white chocolate truffles, there are no pieces of the fruit in the shell and the blueberries in the filling is incredibly subtle.
22. Almond
This plain almond truffle has a lovely purple-colored wrapper, and the shell is a plain milk chocolate base with a center containing almond-infused milk chocolate. The almond flavor has a hit of fruitiness, almost but not quite like an almond liqueur.