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Dairy Queen's Newest Dip Is A Celebration Of Spring

Warm spring weather means it is time for ice cream. Illinois-based ice cream chain Dairy Queen recently introduced the perfect ice cream treat to welcome the spring season.

The Fruity Blast Dipped Cone consists of DQ's vanilla soft serve ice cream hand-dipped in a pastel purple coating. Per Dairy Queen's website, the crunchy lilac shell also has a nostalgic, fruity taste inspired by the cereal you ate as a kid while watching early morning cartoons.

Dairy Queen’s Fruity Blast Dipped Cone quickly became a favorite of many ice cream lovers online, with one Twitter user ranking it third in their "official DQ dipped cone rankings.” As for the specific taste, people were split, as one Redditor claimed it "tastes like Froot Loops," while YouTuber Redneck Snack said it tasted more like Fruity Pebbles.