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Cuts of Steak Ranked Worst to Best

The beef round is divided into three parts, and they are all pretty worthless as steaks. The top round is only good for roast beef or slow cooker pot roast, the tip will be chewy and gross unless you braise it, and the bottom round is good for absolutely nothing.

13. Round Steak

Skirt steak comes from the part of the cow known as the plate, which is essentially the muscle that you find inside the chest and below the ribs. The steak is quite flavorful and is best when cut into thin slices and marinated, but it isn’t worth the fuss for many.

12. Skirt Steak

Like skirt steak, the flank cut of beef comes from the underside of the cow, and it’s best in thin slices. Flank steaks do marinade nicely, and they are slightly less tough than the skirt (but not by much).

11. Flank Steak

The sirloin is one of the most famous cuts of beef, but it's actually generally divided up into three smaller cuts, and the bottom sirloin is the worst. It’s great for roasting, and you can slice it and marinade it like a flank or skirt, but as a proper steak, it will be chewy and chunky.

10. Bottom Sirloin

Also known as the New York Strip, the Omaha Steak, and a lot of other things, the strip cut is what remains once you take the tenderloin away from the short loin. If you're after a middle ground between tender and tough, the strip steak is probably the steak for you, but it’s often overpriced.

9. Strip Steak