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Cream Cheese Cookies Are Ideal For Those Who Desire Medium-Rare Bakes
Those who prefer chewy cookies may often be disappointed by how hard it can be to achieve the right texture. However, adding cream cheese to your favorite cookies can help.
The creaminess of cream cheese not only elevates the flavor, but it also adds moisture, resulting in cookies that maintain their soft texture and resist drying out in the oven.
Along with a creamier texture, cream cheese also lends a unique taste to cookies. The tanginess of cream cheese works especially well in lemon cookies.
Cream cheese cookies, being less sweet than traditional sugar cookies, offer a versatile base for various sweet toppings like icings, sprinkles, and powdered sugar.
Cream cheese can be used alongside, or in lieu of, butter in any traditional cookie recipe. Cream cheese works especially when paired with sweeter elements like fruit or candy.