three rotisserie chickens cooking


Costco's Rotisserie Chickens Turned Against Customers
It’s hard to resist the smell of Costco’s rotisserie chicken, but a user on Reddit claimed, “The rotisserie chicken gives us diarrhea every single time,” and some others agreed.
Users on the r/Costco Reddit thread said the chicken contains carrageenan which is a food addition used as a thickening agent.
Many people have claimed to experience intestinal issues after consuming foods with carrageen, such as irritable bowels, indigestion, and bloating.
Rest assured, carrageenan is well-regulated in the U.S. When digested by the body, it cannot be transformed into a cancerous substance.
The only harm caused by Costco's $5 rotisserie chickens that shoppers have noted is the occasional digestive discomfort. However, many fans continue to purchase it anyway.