Tongs placing fried steak on a cooling rack


Chicken Fried Steak Vs Country Fried: What's The Difference?
Country-fried and chicken-fried steak may seem like interchangeable dishes, but the two steaks have a few notable differences.
In general, chicken-fried steak has a thicker coat created by dredging it in eggs and a seasoned batter to create a crunchy, flavorful bite.
On the other hand, country-fried steak has a lighter coating created by dredging the meat in flour before frying, giving it an airy, crispy texture.
Chicken-fried steak is usually served with a thick, creamy, peppery white gravy, often associated with iconic homestyle breakfasts like biscuits and gravy.
Country fried steak is served with a thinner, brown gravy that swaps in beef broth or stock instead of cream, creating a lighter, savory sauce for the simpler steak.