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Burger King Is Discontinuing A Classic And Fans Are Furious
Netizens are enraged following Burger King CEO Don Accordino's announcement that BK’s Ch’King chicken sandwich will be discontinued. The sandwich, which features hand-breaded chicken with pickles and sauce on a potato bun, "didn't generate the excitement that was hoped for," according to Accordino.
Many Burger King customers took to social media to complain. One Twitter user wrote, "Getting rid of the Ch'King [...] is by far the stupidest thing the franchise has ever done," while a Redditor commented, "This is a lame tactic to install the new shrinkflation patty," implying that BK's new chicken sandwich is smaller.
In May 2022, BK began testing a Ch’King replacement sandwich known as the BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which consists of breaded chicken, sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes on a potato bun, plus a spicy version with triple pepper spicy glaze. Only time will tell if customers will give this new sandwich a chance.