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Burger King Is Being Sued Over Its Sandwiches. Here's Why


Consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King for ads that overstate the size of its burgers, including that of its newest Whopper Melt. The suit argues that people have "suffered financial damages" due to Burger King’s false advertising.

According to the suit, Burger King ads over the past few years depict burgers that have "increased in size by approximately 35%" on the whole. However, "the amount of beef" specifically in said burger ads has "increased by more than 100%."

Even though it will be a while until the lawsuit concludes, it does seem to genuinely reflect Burger King customers’ feelings. One Twitter user called the Whopper Melt "super small [with] untoasted bun, unmelted cheese, [and costing] more than 2 Whoppers."

In 2010, a British advertising watchdog banned a similar false ad by Burger King for its Tendercrisp Chicken burger. While there seems to be a basis for the idea that Burger King overstates its burger sizes in ads, what repercussions the chain will face are uncertain for now.

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