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Appetizer Recipes To Get Any Party Started
Collard Wrap
When the homemade falafel seasoned with the right spices is wrapped inside the collard greens along with red peppers, some hummus, and a few spoonfuls of tzatziki (a yogurt-based sauce), the result is delicious. Recipe developer Maren Epstein has some great tips for this recipe.
Sheet Pan Nachos
Nachos are simply tortilla chips covered in cheese, but MegaMenu's version from recipe developer Melissa Olivieri takes this concept up a notch by adding jalapeños, veggies, olives, ground beef, and plenty of spices. These nachos are assembled and baked on a single sheet pan.
Air Fryer Green Tomatoes
These green tomatoes are coated in a breadcrumb and cornmeal mixture to add crispness before being popped in the air fryer for a few minutes. Recipe developer Miriam Hahn has tips on how to coat the tomato slices and why they need to be patted dry before being coated.
Dill Onion Dip
This dill onion dip offers a different version of a regular onion dip that's just as perfect for dipping veggies or chips in as the traditional version. Simply chop up some dill, mix it with mayo and sour cream, then add some common spices and parsley — and it’ll be ready in just five minutes!
Recipe developer Kate Shungu notes that this recipe really does come down to being meticulous with the time-consuming Phyllo dough layers. However, the dish as a whole with spinach and Greek yogurt mixture baked between these layers is a reward that will be worth it.