Angela Lansbury holds a book in publicity portrait for the television series  'Murder, She Wrote', Circa 1984. (Photo by CBS/Getty Images)

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Angela Lansbury’s Sweet Connection To A Beloved Restaurant
Hollywood lost another star in 2022 with the passing of Angela Lansbury, the iconic actor known for roles like Jessica Fletcher in “Murder, She Wrote,” and Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast.” Apart from being an actor, Lansbury was also a mother to two children — Anthony, an actor and director, and Deidre, a restaurateur.
Shirley Firestone once received a letter from Angela Lansbury, raving about Positano, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica that happened to belong to her daughter Deidre and her husband Enzo Battarra. Firestone wrote about Positano in 2008, stating she was “hooked on [the couple’s] terrific Italian cuisine.”
After moving to Los Angeles, Positano changed its name to Enzo and Angela - The Italian Restaurant — Angela was also Deidre’s middle name. The restaurant continued to receive great reviews for its charming, friendly vibe and delicious food, but sadly, Enzo and Angela permanently shut in 2019.