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Alex Guarnaschelli Is Also Weirded Out By Those Realistic Cake Videos


The internet is full of unbelievable trends, such as videos of cake artists cutting into realistic cakes that resemble everyday objects, with one Reddit video showing cakes that look like everything from a giant strawberry to a packet of Doritos. While one Reddit user joked, “Now I want cake and Doritos at the same time," others weren’t quite as impressed.

Celebrity chef and TV personality Alex Guarnaschelli recently came across a similar video on Twitter of a cake that looked like a cute pug. However, she found the video more disconcerting than adorable, even calling it “unnervingly real.”

Just because the realistic cake trend is popular doesn’t mean it’s beloved, as other users called the video “disturbing” and “creepy” to look at. Another chef called fake-out cakes “the dumbest thing on the planet,” adding that “they rarely taste that great.”

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