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Aldi’s Newest Snack Is Inspired By Your Favorite Fall Donut
Fall lovers rejoice because, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, autumn is making its official return to the United States on Thursday, September 22. If you can’t wait until then, there are plenty of autumnal treats to enjoy in the meantime, like Aldi’s new fall donut-inspired snack.
Aldi recently teased its fall food lineup on Twitter, and one product that is getting all the attention is the new Benton’s Apple Cider Donut Crème Cookies. While the cookies have already been spotted in certain stores, they’re expected to roll out nationwide on Wednesday, August 24.
The cookies come in a bright orange packaging and cost $2.29—a small price to pay to immerse yourself in the flavors of fall. They have already garnered online attention from users searching for the cookies, while the lucky few who have found them are already singing their praises.