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Aldi Employees Are Begging You Not to Try This TikTok Checkout Hack

Aldi is a great place to shop, thanks to its quality goods at low rates, but their superfast checkout that requires you to bag your own items doesn’t make everyone happy. Recently, an Australian shopper posted a hack for Aldi shoppers to slow down their cashier’s pace.

The hack involved spreading the items 30cm apart on the conveyor belt, which would force the cashiers to slow down, and give customers more time to pack. While customers have had mixed reactions to the hack, Aldi employees are decidedly against it.

Aldi employee and TikTok creator @julia.rowland explained why this "hack" is a bad idea. With fewer employees to pay, Aldi is able to keep its prices lower than other stores, and if they were to hire more staff to bag groceries, it would eventually lead to higher prices.

What’s more is that Aldi employees are scored daily on their speed and efficiency at ringing up items at the checkout. Low scores due to the hack could lead to negative repercussions for the employees, so it’s best to shop elsewhere if you’re not a fan of bagging your groceries.

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