chocolate bars


16 Brands of Chocolate Made With The Highest Quality Ingredients
1. Taza
Taza Chocolate is minimally processed to preserve the natural flavors of organic cacao. Its Wicked Dark series is only made up of 95% cacao beans and 2 grams of cane sugar.
2. Yes Cacao
Using pure cacao and combining it with other nutritional ingredients with brain-boosting properties, Yes Cacao is on a mission to turn chocolate into a health food.
3. Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain uses ethically sourced cocoa, fresh dairy, local maple syrup, and honey, with a strict policy against preservatives, extenders, or additives.
4. Valrhona
Valrhona only uses the highest-quality cocoa and is committed to working with ethical suppliers. High-quality cocoa means it has a smooth, not-too-sweet finish.
5. Nib Mor
Everything produced by Nib Mor contains between 72% and 80%, and a lineup of carefully selected, simple ingredients and flavors that are all natural.