A closeup of Downyflake Waffles.


13 Breakfast Foods From The '90s That Disappeared
1. Oreo O's
When Oreo O’s cereal hit grocery shelves in 1998, fans couldn’t get enough of it, and its later upgrades throughout the aughts.
Unfortunately, Oreo O’s makers Post and Kraft parted ways in 2007, and this beloved cereal became a fond and distant memory — unless you live in South Korea.
2. Wild! Watermelon Pop Tarts
In 1997 Kellogg's released Wild! Watermelon Pop-Tarts, a marriage between watermelon and toaster pastry. But sadly this flavor marriage didn’t last.
Wild! Watermelon Pop-Tarts were branded as a limited edition offering, but the exclusivity didn't do much to boost sales, and the product faded away as the ‘90s drew to a close.
3. Carnation Breakfast Bars
These quasi-protein bars have been around since the ‘70s but in 1994 Nestle rebranded these breakfast bars due to declining sales.
They played up its nutritional value, sold a non-chocolate-covered version, and even provided an informational phone line for skeptics, but it couldn’t halt its demise in 1997.
4. Waffle Crisp
First sold in 1996, Waffle Crisp riffed off of actual breakfast food and perceived family traditions involving grandmothers with homemade waffle recipes.
The TV commercials showed a team of devoted grandmothers baking Waffle Crisp, but by the early 2000s, the grannies' idea was replaced by a cartoon mascot named Waffle Boy.
5. Pepsi A.M.
Beginning in 1989 Pepsi test marketed Pepsi A.M., a product it hoped would infiltrate the coffee industry's stronghold on morning-time beverages.
It also included a Diet Pepsi A.M. version and both sodas were sold under the tagline "The All-Night Cola", but due to poor sales both sodas disappeared by October 1990.