Food items at a Brazilian steakhouse.


12 Mistakes You Might Be Making At A Brazilian Steakhouse
Eating at a Brazilian steakhouse is a special experience, so it’s best to leave room for the main course — the meat — and not fill up on appetizers.
Instead, pick one or two salads or sides to focus on that have unique flavors or contain ingredients you don't often get to enjoy elsewhere. Take small portions of each.
Sample All The Meats
From tender filet mignon to juicy sirloin, these restaurants serve steaks of every type and every doneness imaginable, so make sure you try it all.
Some unique choices include picanha, a moist and juicy steak sourced from the cow's rump, and its leaner cousin alcatra, which is usually served medium-rare.
Carb Overload
To maximize your dining experience, avoid indulging in carb-filled side dishes, which will hinder your ability to enjoy the barrage of meat coming your way.
The biggest offenders are two of Brazil's favorite foods: rice and beans. They are delicious, but not very unique, so be sure to save space for other foods.
The Table Cards
Brazilian steakhouses uniquely feature a table card or place card, which has a green and red side. Green means you're hungry and red means you're done.
Others at your table may continue eating, depending on their hunger level, but the red signifies you are sitting out. If you get a second wind, flip it back to green.
Pace Yourself
Nobody goes to a Brazilian steakhouse to watch what they eat or count calories, but you don’t want to leave the steakhouse sick to your stomach from eating too much.
Instead of rushing, enjoy the environment. Take time during your meal to chat with the people you are dining with and savor the experience.