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12 Hot Dogs That Contain The Highest Quality Ingredients
Teton Waters Ranch
These sustainable products are made from grass-fed cattle without antibiotics or hormones by ranchers who have been awarded Certified Humane designations.
In addition to the beef, some flavorings include things like paprika, garlic, celery powder, cherry powder, and onion. Add in some salt and vinegar, and that's it.
Niman Ranch
The ingredients listed on these hot dogs are straightforward with beef, spices, and — strangely — nonfat dry milk, and commonly used dextrose and sodium phosphate.
Niman Ranch publishes its full protocols for sourcing beef, pork, and lamb online. It prioritizes family-owned farms, all of which are certified humane.
Founded by a vegetarian and advertising a mission of "Changing the Meat We Eat," Applegate promises clean products free of artificial or genetically modified ingredients.
In addition to the type of meat, the ingredients are straightforward, such as salt, vinegar, onion, and celery, and a slew of spices, like cayenne, ginger, and coriander.
Fork in the Road
These "Honest Dogs" have a very simple ingredient list that specifies pasture-raised beef, vinegar, salt, garlic, onion, mustard, and spices.
As for taste, an Amazon reviewer said, "I will never have to search for another hot dog brand again because I have found my Holy Grail beef franks!"
Boar's Head
Many companies producing high-quality hot dogs are relatively new to the market, but Boar's Head has been around for a long time and has a reputation for quality meats.
Their uncured beef franks don’t have added sugar, MSG, nitrates, or nitrites — the ingredients list only beef, water, celery powder, paprika, salt, and natural flavors.