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11 Of The Unhealthiest Protein Bars Available
Snickers Hi-Protein
This candy bar turned into a protein bar is destined to disappoint. The ingredients include gelatin, which is an incomplete form of protein.
It contains carrageenan, a thickener known to cause digestive issues, along with 5 grams of saturated fat, which is 25% of the daily recommended intake.
Upon examination of Big 100 Vanilla Caramel Churro’s nutritional profile, it resembles more of a dessert, boasting 380 calories and 20 grams of added sugar.
This bar is for high-energy expenders like powerlifters, die-hard athletes, and cross-fitters who blow through an enormous number of calories with each workout.
Clif Builder Bar
This bar contains 29% of your daily recommended saturated fat intake, along with 17 grams of cane sugar. Despite the protein content, it's filled with additives.
Robert Irvine is the brains behind this bar. It has 400calories, whey protein, bovine gelatin, palm kernel oil, and maltitol, a sweetener with laxative effects.
KIND’s Crunchy Peanut Butter bar claims it has “protein from real food.” Based on the ingredients, it’s one of the least processed bars on the market.
However, it contains palm kernel oil, which is disappointing. The fat content is fairly high due to this, ringing it up to 20% of your daily intake.