Nicole Anderson

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San Diego, CA
California State University - Fullerton, Arizona State University, Humboldt State University
Diet Trends, Fast Food, Health And Nutrition
  • Nicole worked as a production assistant for the Emmys and the American Music Awards.
  • She received a creative arts award in writing for a family-friendly sitcom she created and developed.
  • Her passion for wellness culture and love of self-devolvement has motivated her to begin the process of writing and publishing a self-help book.


Nicole has worked as a professional writer for over six years. She has published work on several lifestyle, entertainment, and news websites including Someecards, BabyGaga, Moms, Blasting News, Snip, The Bolde, and 20 Something. Her love of writing has naturally evolved over the years. While in college, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and took a travel writing course that changed her perspective on this craft. While abroad, Nicole also produced a Slice of Life documentary that explored the various cuisines Italy had to offer. She began blogging while in college and started working as a freelance writer once she graduated. Eventually, she went back to school to earn her master's degree in communication. She focused on empathetic communication styles, which proved invaluable in many aspects of her personal and professional life. Nicole has also taught high school for many years and earned her single-subject teaching credential in English. Throughout all of the passions she has perused over the years, Nicole always comes back to writing. She loves the feeling of creating something tangible out of the ephemeral and hopes to continue evolving as a writer.


Nicole earned her B.A. in Cinema & Television Arts through California State University, Fullerton, where her emphasis was on screenwriting. She then went on to earn her M.A. in Communication at Arizona State University, where she focused on studying empathetic communication styles. Nicole's love of writing ultimately inspired her to earn her single-subject teaching credential in English through Humboldt State University.
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