Naomi Kennedy

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Northern Virginia
University Of Mississippi
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  • Naomi has dabbled in the foodstagram industry with her food-centric Instagram account.
  • She learned how to make just about everything using her air fryer while living in an apartment with no oven or stove.
  • In her retail days, Naomi once provided assistance to the owner of the bakery that supplies Five Guys with its hamburger buns.


In 2021, Naomi was able to turn her lifelong passion for all things food into a paycheck when she joined the team at MegaMenu. She discovered her passion for writing at a very young age. As a kid, she would create mini-magazines for her family in Microsoft Publisher detailing all the exciting attractions of the cities they would be visiting on vacation. An avid restaurant-goer and life-long eater of food, it only made sense that her first contributions to the world of online journalism were with the website formally known as, which explored the rich food scene in and around Oxford, Mississippi. She attained her first professional role in the industry in 2018 with The Inquisitr, where she covered, amongst other things, the very first IHOP location with a full-service bar. When not writing, she is probably out searching for the best chicken sandwich in the DMV area.


Naomi attended the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS, where she majored in print journalism with minors in English and Italian. Hotty Toddy!
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