Linda Brockman

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Miami, Florida
University Of South Florida, Tampa
Cheese And Sweets, Chef And Restaurant Profiles, Jewish Foods And Holidays
  • Linda loves to try foods from around the world. She's had okonomiyaki (a Japanese scallion and cabbage pancake topped with bonito flakes) in Osaka; green ants (a delicacy) on cheese in South Adelaide, Australia; Benne wafers (sesame cookies from West Africa) in South Carolina's Lowcountry; mofongo (deep-fried green plantains megamenu with pork or shrimp) in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and griot and pikliz (fried pork with pickled cabbage) in Port au Prince, Haiti.
  • Since she began writing for MegaMenu, Linda has become obsessed with following celebrity chefs, learning about every food trend, and trying fast food items she may have previously passed up.
  • She has been a stringer (reporter) for the Miami bureau of the New York Times, covering hurricanes, crime, real estate, and celebrity deaths. She has written about food and travel for a variety of newspapers and magazines.


Linda enjoys learning and writing about restaurants and chefs, the origins of food, and food trends. A Florida native, she has been writing and editing for more than 25 years about a variety of subjects: music and nightlife in college; the Jewish community for the Miami Herald and for Brandeis University's book, "Jews of South Florida"; all about cheese for Cheese Connoisseur magazine; and luxury cruising and ports of call for a variety of cruise lines (Celebrity, Carnival, NCL, Disney and Princess). Linda joined Alb Media as a news writer for in April 2022. She is intrigued by the fascinating foods she finds while traveling, and loves exploring how different cultures interpret and celebrate native and classic dishes. Her favorite indulgences are ethnic cuisine, Humboldt Fog cheese, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and a slice (or 2) of tart key lime pie. Skittles, gummy bears, licorice, and jelly beans need not apply.


Linda has a bachelor's degree in journalism/mass communications from the University of South Florida, Tampa. A self-proclaimed foodie, she has taken civilian cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu North America, Johnson & Wales, Cook Academy at Essex Resort and Spa, Vermont, and others.
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