Hannah Reynoso

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Houston, TX
University Of Iowa
Breakfast Toasts, No-recipe Cooking, Essays About Food
  • Hannah's greatest culinary endeavor was making a carbonara from the egg of an emu — and plating the pasta inside its bright blue shell! She wants everyone to know that one emu egg is equivalent to about eight chicken eggs.
  • Ever since moving near the ocean, Hannah has been taking advantage of Southern Houston's exciting seafood scene. She frequents her local fish market at least once a week where she has learned to incorporate fresh crawfish and salmon into her breakfasts.
  • With a firm belief that hamburgers are meant for experimentation, Hannah dedicates one meal a week to burger-making creativity. She often challenges herself to incorporate unexpected topping combinations into her burgers, such as crunchy peanut butter, raw onions, and a fried egg. Don't knock it till you try it!


Hannah is fairly new to her food-writing journey, but she has been both a home-cook and a writer separately for many years. She finds the utmost joy in documenting her culinary experiences — from the teeny tiny treats she bakes using her mini baking kit, to trying all sorts of new foods like reindeer pomegranate pizza in Oslo, Norway. Hannah finds herself frequently centering food in her writing, which can be read in articles throughout Study Breaks Magazine as well as the Houston Chronicle. When she isn't writing about food, she is crafting works of creative nonfiction. You can find her personal essays in a few of her school's literary magazines.


Hannah is a proud graduate of the University of Iowa, where she earned her degree in English and Creative Writing. Her school is known for its outstanding literary community, and she feels fortunate to have learned her craft from some extremely talented writers.
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