Erin Metz

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New York City, New York
National University, California State University - San Bernardino
Restaurant Releases, Viral Recipes, Food Culture
  • Previously a lifestyle and entertainment writer for The List, Erin is overjoyed to bring her love of food and knowledge of pop culture to the Daily Meal news team.
  • While she was raised in SoCal, she currently resides in New York City and is constantly on the hunt for the definitive "best slice" of NYC pizza.
  • She is always researching the latest viral recipe trends or on a food crawl through her neighborhood.


Erin is a freelance writer, editor, and creator currently based in New York City. Throughout her career, her titles have ranged from author to editor to director and more. Whether she is researching content for Daily Meal, working on her own original works, or collaborating with other artists, she is always writing something down. Outside of her written works, Erin is a skilled performer, director, and content creator. In 2021, she started a podcast called "Something Blue" that analyzed controversial wedding trends and traditions while navigating the joys and stresses of planning her own wedding. She now brings that experience and research to her daily publications. In addition to writing for Static brands, Erin is the head writer and co-creative director for MAD About This Media, a transmedia company dedicated to helping independent artists publish their works and expand their stories into franchises. Erin is an award-winning writer, poet, and screenwriter whose work has been featured in multiple literary magazines and film festivals.


Erin has an undergraduate degree from California State University, San Bernardino, where she specialized in creative writing and literature. She then obtained her master's degree at the National University, specializing in writing, composition, and social-emotional learning.
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