Christine Hogg

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
University Of Toronto
Travel, Lifestyle, Food And Drink
  • Christine has more than five years of experience writing for major Canadian lifestyle brands, covering everything from fashion and beauty, to weddings, travel, fitness, and more.
  • Christine is a trained journalist and published photographer, capable of sourcing and editing original images to accompany news stories for print and the web.
  • Christine has worked as an editor for one of Canada's leading travel trade publications where she travelled to 15 countries and developed a variety of travel and lifestyle content for both B2B and B2C clients.


Christine Hogg is a journalist, published photographer, and story-teller who specializes in covering travel and lifestyle. She has produced content for a variety of print and digital outlets including The Globe and Mail, Asian Geographic,, Metroland Media, Post City Magazines, and many more. Christine got her start in digital media while completing her honors bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of Toronto, where she interned at one of Canada's largest fashion magazines, FLARE. She currently freelances for a variety of clients in sectors including fashion and beauty, health and wellness, finance, automotive, food and drink, weddings, sustainability, and more. Though currently based in Toronto, Ont., Christine has travelled to more than 20 countries (for fun and for work) throughout North America, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and Africa. With nearly a decade of writing experience for B2B and B2C publications, recent roles include the associate digital editor at one of Canada's leading travel trade publications, PAX Global Media.


Christine has completed a four-year undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Toronto, for which she earned an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree. She also holds an Advanced College Diploma in Journalism from Centennial College, and was recently awarded a Social Media Marketing Certificate from the HubSpot Academy. A big believer in continuous education, she has also completed a number of courses from various institutions, including The Practice and Ethics of Travel Writing from the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.
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