Catherine Brookes

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Sussex, UK
Royal Holloway University Of London, UWE Bristol
Gluten-Free Recipes, Balanced Nutritious Meals, Quick-and-Easy Dinners
  • Catherine is the creator of the gluten-free recipe blog Blue Sky Eating, which has amassed many followers worldwide. The blog was highlighted in the Spokin Top Rated Blogger Guide, and many of Catherine's recipes have also been featured on FeedFeed.
  • Being intolerant to gluten herself, she is passionate about creating "free-from" versions of classic meals and bakes and providing simple, fool-proof recipes to help others discover that gluten-free eating should never mean compromising on deliciousness.
  • Working as a full-time food photographer and recipe developer, Catherine has created bakes and dishes for a range of popular food blogs, online publishers, and brands such as Tala Cooking.


Catherine is a self-taught cook and baker with a background in photography and film who has been creating and experimenting with recipes for as long as she can remember. She launched her own blog, Blue Sky Eating, in 2020 as a fun project to work on in her spare time, but it wasn't long before she realized how much she loved the process of photographing and sharing her foodie creations. In recent years, she has focused on honing her skills in creating gluten-free meals and bakes. Her aim is to share delicious, easy-to-follow, tried and tested recipes. Catherine is a big believer in balance, and, along with indulgent bakes and desserts, she loves developing simple, healthy, wholesome meals that make you feel your best.


Catherine has an undergraduate degree in biology and a master's in filmmaking. Her scientific background has helped to build her knowledge of nutrition and the science behind baking, while her creative skills are put to good use through her food styling and photography.
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