The Larger-Than-Life Candles That Have Costco Shoppers Freaking Out

Burning a scented candle while winding down is a relaxation method many Americans enjoy. According to the National Candle Association, the candle industry goes through more than 1 billion pounds of wax every year to keep up with the country's candle demands.

And many companies have caught onto the U.S. public's love affair with the product. For example, Dunkin' released a limited edition lineup of candles with scents inspired by the entrancing smells of its coffee and donuts. So it only makes sense that the shelves at Costco are stocked with an impressive amount of soothing scents, ranging from Agave & Match Tea to Yuzu & Pineapple, to ensure its members can fuel their love of candles while picking up groceries. 

But Costco goers with a burning devotion for candles have come across one set in particular that may have cemented the warehouse chain as a go-to candle shopping spot.

Shoppers can't get over Costco's gigantic 4-wick candles

Filled with bulk buys at economical prices, Costco is known for going big or going home. And the chain now seems to be applying the principle that bigger is better to its candles. A July post made from Instagrammer @costcobuys showcased that Costco is now selling 4-wick, 40 oz candles. (Generally, the biggest candles that candle lovers can get their lighters on at brands such as Bath and Body Works are 3-wick and around 14.5 oz.)

According to @costcobuys, the 40 oz candles come in three different scents: Vanilla + Monk Fruit, Blood Orange + Tangerine, and Dahlia + Ivy. The oversized candles are currently priced around $19.99 in Costco stores, the Instagram account noted. 

While many of Costco's food products have earned a cult following, the grocery chain's giant candles may also be gaining a sizable group of fans.

Costco members can't get enough of the oversize candles

Candle enthusiasts made it clear in the comments on @costcobuys' Instagram post that they were in love with one of Costco's latest and largest candle creations. Some users noted how excited they were to purchase the giant product. One user wrote, "WHAT?!!!! ON MY WAY!" Another stated, "Need!!" Still others couldn't resist tagging their friends and commenting about how much they enjoyed the assorted candles' three scents.

And other Instagrammers who'd already bought some of the candles left positive reviews. One wrote, "I have the blue one burning right now and another one ready when the first one burns through." Another posted, "These are amazing I bought 4."

Candles might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Costco. But if these reviews are any indication, they're one of the warehouse club's best hidden gems.