Jamie Oliver Is Set To Debut His Own Cooking Channel

When you've accomplished as much as Jamie Oliver, you might think there's nothing left. Per Britannica, Oliver has starred in several TV shows, created his own line of cookware, and became a best-selling author of numerous cookbooks. One of his most notable TV shows is "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," which won an Emmy award for Outstanding Reality Program (per IMDb).

Oliver's love for cooking began when he was just a child, helping out in his parent's pub-style restaurant. After gaining experience in culinary school and through several training programs, he began picking up jobs. It was during a documentary shoot for River Café when he realized he wasn't designed for cooking alone – he was also fantastic in front of a camera. Following years of hard work, the British chef is ready to take the next big step in his ever-growing career.

A catalog of hits

Jamie Oliver recently rolled out "The Jamie Oliver Channel" — a cooking channel on the Amazon streaming service Freevee, per Hollywood Reporter. The channel serves as a catch-all for Oliver's many food shows and was officially launched on Thursday, June 30. Notably, the brand new channel features Oliver's latest show, "The Great Cookbook Challenge." According to Jamie Oliver's website, this program follows the careers of 18 unknown UK chefs who compete for the ultimate prize of publishing their very own cookbook.

The channel is known as a FAST channel, which is free to viewers due to the addition of ads. Fremantle, a production and sales group, plans to ready the channel for worldwide viewing by providing a slew of local languages. "The launch of 'The Jamie Oliver Channel' provides an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences around the world," Fremantle International CEO Jens Richter said. "We are looking forward to collaborating with other partners to roll-out the FAST channel in the coming months." The channel, along with Jamie Oliver's greatest shows, can now be viewed on Freevee.