The Best Foods We've Seen On Shark Tank

Would you feel brave enough to take a courageous dive into the "Shark Tank" with an idea you hope knocks the socks off of a team of savvy investors? Most people would likely chicken out (the stakes are nerve-rackingly high), but for those driven folks who build up the guts to tackle the tank, some walk away with a pretty sweet deal that'll have them building massive amounts of brand awareness and raking in tons of money. Pitching to investors Mark Cuban, Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary, and Barbara Corcoran means you have to show up with a product they think will succeed on the market, not some chintzy half-hearted idea you haven't put some serious effort into. As viewers know, some ideas are so unique that the sharks actually attempt to outdo each other to get a piece of the financial pie, but others are quickly turned to chum and sadly sink to the bottom of the tank.

One way to grab the sharks' attention right off the bat is by serving them food (if food happens to be your product). No one likes working on an empty stomach, so feeding the investors is a solid tactic. Some of the culinary creations presented to the panel of hosts have made everyone's mouths — including viewers at home — water with excitement. These are the best foods we've seen on "Shark Tank."

Slice of Sauce

Isn't it annoying when you accidentally load a little much of a condiment onto a sandwich, thus leaving yourself with a gloppy bite that gets all over your face? No one wants to bite into anything only to immediately sprint towards the nearest pile of napkins to avoid a messy embarrassment. Well, that's exactly the problem one husband-and-wife team tried to solve with a product they pitched called Slice of Sauce. They created a mess-free way to enjoy all the deliciousness of a sandwich without the worry and stress of leaving traces of condiments on your mouth or clothing.

Cole and Emily Williams jumped into the tank hoping the sharks would like their idea of ditching the annoying packets of ketchup and mustard and embracing a new way to get the flavor of condiments onto a sandwich: in the form of thinly pressed slices you layer onto your sandwich like a piece of cheese. All the big flavors of everyone's favorite sauces without the headache of the potential sloppiness they cause sounds like a great idea to us.

Pan's Mushroom Jerky

One food item you'd never find on any list of "Things Doctors Recommend You Consume Daily" is beef jerky. Sure, people might tout the high amount of protein, but if you look at any of the other ingredients, the nutrition from that protein is canceled out. High amounts of sodium, saturated fats, and preservatives make jerky a snack you probably shouldn't eat all the time. But what if you could enjoy jerky without all the health concerns associated with it? That's exactly the question one man tried to answer when he appeared on "Shark Tank" with his company Pan's Mushroom Jerky.

The name of Michael Pan's product tells you everything you need to know about this version of jerky. It's made using shiitake mushrooms that give an umami flavor so your taste buds aren't disappointed by the lack of meat in this jerky. Pan got the idea while visiting his family in Malaysia where he discovered amazing cooking techniques with vegetables that truly mimicked the flavor of meat. He got to work on completely meat-free mushroom-based jerky that comes in six savory flavors: Original Mushroom, Zesty Thai, Applewood BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Teriyaki, and Curry.

Atlas Monroe Plant-Based Fried Chicken

Atlas Monroe is a company that makes plant-based food that looks and tastes just like all the unhealthy stuff doctors tell us to avoid. Cajun fried chicken, deep-fried stuffed turkey rolls, and ribs are a far cry from nutrient-packed foods, but Atlas Monroe made it a goal to recreate these succulent flavors using all-natural plant-based ingredients so you don't hide from your bathroom scale after you eat them. It's not just meat substitutes either; the brand also offers a selection of vegan versions of indulgent foods like lasagna, mac and cheese, cake, and curry.

Healthy food often gets a bad rap for tasting too bland, but Atlas Monroe set out to change the minds of everyone under that impression. In addition to selling its meat substitutes directly to consumers, the company also supplies ingredients to Copper Branch, a chain of over 40 vegan restaurants throughout Canada and the United States

The Bumbling Bee

Most of us, no matter how much we try to watch our diet and ensure only the best possible substances pass through our lips so our bodies operate at peak physical performance, still crave junk food now and then. And honestly, incorporating a cheat day into a health-obsessed schedule is perfectly natural. Trying overly hard to absolutely never consume a bacon cheeseburger or milkshake would drive us up a wall. A mother-daughter team who launched the company The Bumbling Bee entered "Shark Tank" knowing full well that a greasy plate of nachos is much more appealing than a kale salad, so they rolled up their sleeves and created plant-based junk food that gives the flavors of everything we shouldn't eat while packing our bellies with nutrients.

Cassandra Ayala and her daughter, India, took healthy junk food to an amazing place. The menu at their Virginia Beach, VA, food truck is full of exactly the kind of food you would think is chock-full of fat and meat, but is instead loaded with everything your body craves. You can kick off your meal with some chili cheese fries or crispy nuggets before moving on to a hearty, and healthy, burger. Options like the Brunch Betty Bakun and Eggs"with arugula, egg, "bakun," red onions, cheddar cheese, and aioli or the Mother Clucker with fried "chicken," pickles, slaw, and Cajun aioli make this one health-conscious joint you have to try.

Fat Shack Burgers

Fat Shack knows exactly what it is as a brand, and you can't help but respect that it doesn't masquerade as something else in order to bait new customers. The word "fat" is in the name, and it embraces that choice and puts the pedal to the metal when it comes to selling food that would make a cardiologist need a cardiologist pronto. The slogan is "Late night, done right." Only one thing happens late at night: Unhealthy cravings kick in and mounds of fatty foods are scarfed down. This is exactly why Fat Shack exists: To satiate that midnight munchie run in the most glorious way possible.

The origin of Fat Shack came about when founder Tom Armenti came to the sudden realization that his college town had absolutely no late-night food options. And, as we know, when the bars start to empty late at night, those kids are hungry. Obviously, you can eat Fat Shack food whenever you want, but sandwiches like the Fat Slob, which is a cheesesteak piled with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and French fries, go down a little better after a few drinks. Plus, you tend to care far less about the insane amount of calories you're consuming in one sitting.

The Pizza Cupcake

Wait, did someone just say, "pizza cupcakes!?" Yep, and they're just amazing looking as you'd think. The Pizza Cupcake is a company founded by Chef Andrea Meggiato and his wife Michelle. This husband-and-wife team changed the game when it came to offering the deliciousness of pizza as a bite-sized cupcake-shaped snack. Heck, the chef even appeared on an episode of "Moments with Mimi" and taught superstar singer Mariah Carey how to make his amazing creation. This couple hit all the right notes when they appeared on "Shark Tank" and, naturally, the investors were thrilled to take a taste of the morsels of doughy delight.

The pizza cupcakes are offered in two flavors, pepperoni and margherita, and you can buy them by the box on the company's website. These things are a superb idea for parties since they offer the same awesome flavors a slice of pizza does without having to consume an entire slice, especially if you're trying to save room for something else. We reviewed Chrissy Teigen's signature pizza cupcakes, and we loved them. The cheese inside the cupcake has a great stretch that makes for that perfect pull-apart Instagram foodie picture. If you like pizza and like bite-sized snacks, the products from The Pizza Cupcake are right up your alley.

Doughp Cookie Dough

Admit it: At one point in your life you've taken a tube of uncooked cookie dough and had a spoonful. Or maybe the whole thing? No? Well, a lot of people have. Even though you're not supposed to eat the stuff until it comes out of the oven in little crunchy circles, it's so darn good when it's soft and dissolves on your tongue. This amazing sensation is exactly why the company Doughp exists. The nostalgia of munching down cookie dough as a child (or adult — you know who you are) is now readily available in a safe-to-eat form thanks to founder Kelsey Moriera.

Moriera created the company in 2017 after quitting her job in product marketing and playing around in the kitchen. She discovered a great egg substitute for making cooking dough that was meant to be eaten raw, and she got to work. Her dough comes in four awesome flavors: Dunk On 'Em (cookies, frosting, and sprinkles), Cookie Monsta (cookies and cream), Ride or Die (chocolate chip), and Brownie Beast (brownie and chocolate chips).

Bistro Morgan Doughnuts

Is there any dessert out there that trumps a freshly baked doughnut? Obviously that question is debatable, but a warm circle of fluffy dough drizzled in icing is just too good to resist, and that's why Morgan Hipworth got into the sweet treat game at an early age. Not only is Hipworth the founder of Melbourne, Australia's Bistro Morgan Doughnuts, but he's used his confectionary knowledge as a guest judge on "Junior Masterchef Australia" and hosted a miniseries on Nick Jr. all before the age of 20. His passion for food is evident in everything he does, and when he appeared on "Shark Tank," the judges knew they were speaking with someone special (via

In addition to doughnuts, you can order cookies and delicious pressed sandwiches, as well. The doughnuts, however, are the star of the show here. The menu is filled with creative options like the Cookie Monster, a delicately flaky brioche donut piped full of funfetti cake batter and topped with white chocolate chunks, Oreo pieces, and confetti sprinkles. There's also the Bruno Mars, which is brioche filled with gooey salted caramel and topped with white chocolate and Mars Bars pieces. One thing's for sure when it comes to Morgan Hipworth: The world is a sweeter place because he's in it, and everyone is thankful for that.

Just The Cheese

When it comes to sandwiches, few things hit that comfort spot quite like a freshly toasted grilled cheese sandwich. The buttery crunchy bread and warm gooey innards soothe your soul and put a smile on your face. A lot of people love those extra-crunchy bits of cheese that leak out of the sandwich and get crispy in the skillet. So, why not find a way to package just that crsipy cheese as a snack? Luckily for consumers, someone did. In 2017, David Scharfman started Just the Cheese, rebooting a company that his father had founded during the Atkins low-carb diet fad. The brand sells crisp handheld cheese snacks for all the cheese enthusiasts of the world.

The treats are made entirely from Wisconsin cheese, and they come in several different flavors. It's a quick way to get that cheese fix that might swoop in when you least expect it. Of course, if you have some time on your hands you can whip up a grilled cheese in the kitchen, but when you have places to be and people to see, grab a pouch of these awesome treats and get your queso on.

Fried Green Tomatoes

In 2012, the Wilson County Fair in Tennessee saw the debut of the Fried Green Tomatoes Food Truck, and owner Holly Gatlin Cooper quickly realized she had something special on her hands. People loved the crispy tart flavors of the unripened tomatoes, and it didn't take long before Cooper was getting requests for the batter mix and secret sauce so people could replicate the food in the comfort of their own homes. At first, Cooper didn't even think of that as an option, but she quickly realized that selling products would spread the brand name and help take her Fried Green Tomatoes company to new heights.

On the website, you can purchase the company's fried green tomato batter, fried pickle batter, and all the ingredients needed to whip up the Cooper's secret sauce so you can slather your food with a delicious new condiment. But if you ever get a chance to visit the actual food truck, you can order items like a catfish sandwich, shrimp po boy, and a BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomatoes). Tomatoes are good, but when they're green and fried they're even better, and Fried Green Tomatoes proves it.

Joe's Gourmet

Concocting the right mixture of herbs and spices when you're frying food isn't easy. It takes a lot of trial and error before you finally settle on that perfect blend that wakes up every inch of your tongue every time you eat it. Joe's Gourmet is a company that sells a magical mixture of herbs and spices so you can fry your way to happiness. When Joe Dowell presented his mixture on "Shark Tank," he made sure to bring some of his fried food along so the sharks could indulge while he gave his pitch (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

So, why does Joe think consumers should opt for his fish fry seasoning over others? Well, besides the fact he put together a delicious mixture of spices, the company claims that its seafood coating absorbs less oil, which means the flavor of whatever you're frying is prominent, as opposed to that lingering taste of grease so many fried foods leave you with. Joe also has two restaurants in Georgia where you can order sandwiches with shrimp, chicken, catfish, or whitefish all fried to perfection using his seasoning blend.

Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli is a company that prides itself on serving up all the delicious items an authentic New York City deli does but using plant-based ingredients instead of fatty meats. Founded by a woman named Jenny Goldfarb who adopted a vegan lifestyle but didn't want to sacrifice the flavors of her favorite NYC delis she used to go to as a child, Unreal Deli serves up a variety of "meat" that contains no GMOs, cholesterol, antibiotics, hormones, or nitrates. It's an awesome way to get protein without also tacking on saturated fat.

Mark Cuban himself said, "As a self-declared deli expert I officially place my allegiance in Unreal Deli." That's a quote coming from someone who knows the ins and outs of business more than most. But you don't have to be a deli expert to enjoy the variety of roasted turkey, corned beef, and steak. The "meat" is made up of protein-packed ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, beets, lentils, cannellini beans, and chickpeas. This stuff isn't pretend, it's unreal.