Costco's Raspberry Cookies May Be The Next Closest Thing To Crumbl

Dessert fans can't get enough of Crumbl Cookies. According to the company's website, two cousins decided to start a fresh-baked cookie business that gave consumers the very best chocolate chip cookie in the world. Over time, their establishment branched out to multiple locations and states, and the chain started offering a variety of new flavors each week. Customers loved the store, but keeping track of the flavors eventually became overwhelming. One user on Reddit tasked themself with the ordeal of documenting every Crumbl flavor out there, and it appears the brand has never released a simple raspberry cookie.

But Costco has a product that could fill that very spot in shoppers' hearts. Instagrammer @costcobuys stumbled upon sugar-dusted raspberry cookies during one of their latest shopping trips and had to take a video of the find for their followers. They captioned the video, "Raspberry Crumble Cookies are one of my Costco bakery favorites! These all butter cookies have a raspberry filling and are seriously AMAZING! These also taste great warmed up, and they freeze well! Get 12 cookies for $9.99!" 

Fans echoed this sentiment and couldn't wait to jump in with their takes on the product.

Instagram loves this Costco cookie

Instagram users couldn't get enough of this Costco find. Some users chimed in with, "No. Do. Not. Bring. Them. Home. Like I'm serious," and, "Oh yeah these are hands down my favorite too!!" Others jumped in with comments ranging from, "These are unbelievable!" all the way to "These are bomb!!! I need more!!!!" 

Only one person had a minor gripe, saying, "Loved these when they first came out but the last time I bought them, they had half of the filling than before. Plus, price went up." Either way, social media has easily rallied around this confection, and fans found something to love in the package of cookies.

While the item isn't an actual Crumbl cookie, it brought out the same kind of love you might see when people talk about Crumbl. Until the brand decides to make a true raspberry cookie, this Costco find might just have to hold cookie fans over for the time being.

How the Costco raspberry cookie stacks up against the competition

If Costco ever decides to take on Crumbl, the warehouse club's raspberry crumble cookie might be its best shot. According to SheKnows, this particular confection ranks among the Costco greats. Some have compared it to Costco's coffee cake muffins, the Kirkland Signature mini chocolate chip cookies, and the braided apple strudel. Part of the appeal may stem from the fact that you can't find the cookie just anywhere — only certain Costco locations carry it.

In a separate post, SheKnows also noted the apparent return of the cookies to stores at the beginning of 2022. The news of the cookie's return typically spreads through social media, and fans can't get enough of the simple winning combo of a sugar cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar and a glob of raspberry jam. The item is topped with a special butter crumble, making it a worthwhile adversary to Crumbl's brand of signature cookies.

This particular Costco cookie has raked in the likes, and in the past, Instagram user @costcodeals whipped followers into a frenzy over the items. Fans responded in kind with takes like, "Bomb and I don't even like cookies. Sooo good," and, "I have heard SO much about these cookies I might get them tomorrow." The hype around this simple Costco item took America by storm, not unlike the Crumbl cookie phenomenon.

How Crumbl cookies compare to Costco

At the end of the day, Costco might have the superior fruit-flavored cookie. One Reddit post outlined users' favorite cookies from Crumbl, which included Andes mint, the brand's classic chocolate chip cookie, s'mores, fry bread, and even waffle. Out of all the favorites, most users didn't list a fruity cookie flavor as a winner.

A different thread confirmed this phenomenon, too. Another Redditor asked Crumbl fans about their favorite cookie, and replies including peanut butter and jelly, cornbread, or molten lava popped up, while fruit-flavored ones didn't.

At the end of the day, Costco struck sweet gold with its raspberry crumble cookie, and the item draws fans to this day. According to some reviewers, the only thing better than its taste is the convenience of buying a pack of the cookies at once, per Costco Cuisine. Until Crumbl ups its raspberry game, fans firmly believe that this cult classic cookie blows the competition out of the water.