Mix Aperol With Rosé For A Sweet Summer Cocktail

An invigorating cocktail made with a blend of Aperol and rosé wine is a delightful way to elevate any summertime gathering. Together, the vibrant orange of Aperol and the blush tone of rosé create a stunning summery hue. While this chic thirst quencher can be savored year-round, it's perfect for relaxing garden parties, lazy beach days, and poolside lounge sessions.

The first step is selecting the best rosé, which is available in an array of palates, from dry and crisp to sparkling and sweet. You should ideally pick a pink wine you would enjoy on its own. As far as the ideal type of glassware to use, there are two options: You could use a wine glass with a narrow bowl, which enhances the drink by better concentrating the aromas within the glass, or you could use a glass with a flared lip, which delivers the acidic, sweet flavors of rosé right to the tip of the tongue. Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes to keep the cocktail cool. If time allows, for the best cocktail, chill your glasses beforehand, too.

Making an Aperol rosé is as easy as it is satisfying. Start by pouring 2 ounces of Aperol into the glass. The Italian aperitif is famous for its reddish-orange color and herbal, citrusy, bittersweet notes, which is why Aperol is often compared to Campari. Next, slowly decant about 3 ounces of rosé. When combined, the Aperol and rosé will form a lovely pinkish-orange shade.

Customize your Aperol rosé cocktail to suit your palate

Once you have the boozy base established, it's time to have some fun with personalization. For extra effervescence, top off the mixture with a generous splash of your favorite sparkling water. If you prefer a sweeter cocktail, add a dash of homemade simple syrup or a squeeze of honey and stir until completely dissolved. You can also increase the Aperol ratio slightly for a more pronounced bitterness if that's your jam.

Feeling fancy? Garnish the rim with an orange slice, a skewer of raspberries, cherries, or strawberries, or a sprig of fresh mint. Serve the bubbly, aromatic beverage immediately. If hunger strikes, pair your rosé cocktail with a refreshing, light recipe such as a strawberry salad, crab cakes, green bean salad, or grilled salmon. The Aperol rosé cocktail is an elegant, versatile treat that fuses a duo of iconic ingredients. So, pour yourself a glass, relax, and imbibe this sipper all summer long. Cheers!