The Popular Fast Food Pasta Restaurant Chain That Tops Our List Of Favorites

Fast food pasta is often harder to come by than more standard fare like burgers, tacos, and chicken sandwiches. Unlike these assembly-line foods, pasta deserves an extra level of care, from boiling the noodles to simmering the sauce. Soggy and bland aren't in pasta's vocabulary. Even though there are only so many fast food pasta chains out there, MegaMenu decided to rank some of the most popular options. Ultimately, Noodles & Company took the top spot on our list for its vibrant flavors and international-inspired dishes.

In our ranking of fast food pasta chains, we considered factors like freshness, flavors, service, and pricing. Noodles & Company offers a flexible menu from which customers can choose their bowl size, pasta type, and protein for a truly customized dish. The chain's focus on quality is evident not only through its dishes' flavors but also through its values. It's committed to animal welfare (its eggs are cage-free and its dairy comes from stimulant- and hormone-free cows), it makes food fresh to order, and it accommodates customers' dietary needs. Plus, its Goodness Guarantee policy ensures that each customer is satisfied with their meal.

Noodles & Company offers a diverse menu

Since its founding in 1995, Noodles & Company has won many awards both for its quality and its commitment to business diversity. The chain has expanded to over 450 restaurants across the U.S. The company is also more noodle-forward than some other fast food pasta restaurants like Domino's and Giordano's, which are better known for pizza. Noodles & Company also offers chicken noodle soup and a small variety of salads, but it's clear that noodles and pasta are its main focus. It puts (mostly) all of its eggs in one basket, so you know it's confident in what it sells. As one Google review states, "Can't go wrong with anything on the menu."

Noodles & Company also sets itself apart from similar chains by serving more than just Italian-style pasta. Its menu also features Asian-inspired noodle dishes, like Japanese pan noodles and pad Thai, as well as an array of "World Famous Macs." The original of the bunch is its Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, which incidentally climbed pretty high in our ranking of fast food mac and cheeses. Variety is Noodles & Company's superpower, and it's a driving reason for the chain's top placement on our list of fast food pasta restaurants.